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                                   Grand Master Salvador Moralez, Jr.

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame
United States Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Martial Arts

This is an organization that embraces all forms of martial arts but primarily focuses on the traditional martial arts, which cultivates the old traditional koryu without any emphasis sport competition. We offer to our members, training, testing and ranking in the Martial Arts and Filipino Martial Arts that is Internationally recognized. 


We also support, promote, health and spiritual development by providing Reiki sessions for holistic relaxation and inner peace. We also offer training for certifications in Levels one, two and Master Level. This training is done by certified trained personnel. As a result of Reiki one can experience a sense of deep inner harmony and strength.

COMTECH Strategies

Com Tech - Martial Arts Training in El Paso, TX    

COMTECH Strategies (Combative Techniques Strategies) is a system that offers training and analysis in the areas of personal protection and use of force. It is a technology that teaches what to do, when to do it and how to do it, immediately when necessary. The system uses natural responses and anatomically correct body movements to allow a person to understand the true nature of combat. This system has over the years, has been taught as a counter assault tactics system to the Texas Department of Public Safety Narcotics Investigators and Narcotic Tasks Forces in the State of Texas.  This same technology has been used to successfully assist the Texas Attorney Generals Office and various law enforcement agencies in the State of Texas on training, consulting and analyzing use of force issues, and provide expert opinions,on use of force law suits filed against law enforcement.


Salvador Moralez, Jr.
Team Coach



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Classes are taught privately or in a seminar format

Professor Salvador Moralez, Jr. Sensei Ju Dan, Founder of Koyru Byakko Reiki Bugei Institute and
the Founder of International Kilos Paru Paro Filipino Warrior Arts System.

Warrior Title : Tuhon (Leader) of the Filipino Arts

About Us

We at the Koryu Byakko Reki Bugei Institute are committed to providing its members with a unique training environment in which the membership can enjoy a diverse atmosphere that is both meaningful, and productive to a healthy learning environment.  Our services can serve as a means to an end in the development students reaching their goals, by using the Reiki precepts to assist us in our training. As a result, our success is truly measured by the development of our students and membership. We look at people in our lives as traveling companions. These people have traveled the path before you and succeeded in achieving health, well being, and happiness. They help us to recognize crisis as an opportunity for growth and inspire us to have the courage to face the difficulties of life.